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About me!

Hi everyone!
I have been living in the Allendale area the last 15 years with my husband, two kids, our dog and cat, and we love it here!
I have been acting as the PTO Treasurer for the last 5 years! 
This year our daughter, Avlynn, will be heading to the Middle School to start 6th grade and our son, Evrett will be a 4th grader at Oakwood!
When I am not balancing spreadsheets, writing checks, and counting monies for the PTO, I am busy keeping up with my kids and their soccer schedules and my job as a CPA (especially during tax season!).

What does a PTO Treasurer do?

  • Receives and logs all money the PTO receives and deposits it in the bank. 

  • Reports on financial status at board meetings.  

  • Manages teacher’s classroom requests, general funds requests, & field trip support requests.  

  • Maintains PTO accounting & bank accounts.  

  • Helps set and adhere to the budget.

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