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Stadium Seats

About me!


This is my first year on the PTO board! My husband, Patrick, and I have 3 kids (Alysia - 4th, Jamison - 3rd, and Brayden  - 1st).
I have been working at the school for 4 years now as a substitute lunch aide at all the buildings and this year I will also be substitute teaching for the first time! I have been team manager for two football seasons as my husband has head coached and I also acted as assistant coach for 3rd grade girls basketball with my husband. 
I am excited to continue to be more involved and excited for what we have planned this school year! 

What does a PTO Event Coordinator do?

  • Coordinates and oversees the dance committees and skate nights. Ensures adequate meetings are held to plan and delegates tasks with clear direction for dances. 

  • Ensures expenses stay within budget. 

  • Identifies a minimum of 3 (easily interchangeable) themes for each dance, documents opportunities to make dances better, coordinates volunteers, and promotes dances and skate nights.

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